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Turning Eighteen and Totally Freaking Out About It.

As I approached the ripe age of eighteen I had created a detailed image of what I should accomplish prior to my actually birthday. Seventeen year old Vic had her heart set on skinny, beautiful, and successful. Yet she somehow failed to realize that turning eighteen was in no way some majestic transfer of being into a newer, hotter mind( or Gigi Hadid body). My experience as an eighteen year old thus far has been nothing but ordinary as I am still average in every sense of the word. My stress has increased exponentially along with my desire for the intense change my younger self craved. Aside from that, the normalcy is surprising. I want to use this blog as a method to record said normalcy. Working, going to school, doing all the things every new adult has to experience…I am going to share my life not only to affirm my mundane existence but, allow someone else to relate knowing they aren’t the only one who’s car broke down on their way to work or forgot to turn a college essay in. All the newly-eighteens suffer so why not suffer together?

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